• Bulk Gain Protein
    Zero sugar, loaded with Creatine
    f you’re looking for serious mass gains then get serious with HERCULES RAPID MASS.
    It comes truck loaded with the right ratio of high quality carbs and proteins along
    with a scientifically designed digestive enzyme complex along with multivitamins.
  • lean gain Protein
    Whey Protein Isolate
    Fuelled by high doses of CReapure Creatine, the crab complex quickly
    shuttles creatine into the muscle, promoting anabolism, muscle
    glycogen replenishment and hence enables you to get bigger,
    lift heavier and blast through your workouts.

live a healthy life

live a healthy life

Hercules Health Care

Live a Healthy Life

Hercules Health Care

Every young athlete, professional or amateur, drams of having the power to conquer the world. However, Indian athletes face many difficulties in terms of facilities and resources, to develop themselves into world class sports persons. A disadvantage experienced by Mahesh chaudhary, a champion bodybuilder of yesteryears himself and the founder of Hercules.

The birth of Hercules in 1987, as a gym in the then unknown small city of Gurgaon was a dream come true for Mahesh chaudhary, a national and Asian level judge in the Indian body building federation which is recognized by the Indian government. It was a dedicated effort to help young Indian athletes and bodybuilders become world-class professionals. Soon, the company expanded to form a chain of 15 health clubs spread all over Gurgaon. It also started supplying exercising equipment to smaller health clubs in surrounding areas.

Exercise and training alone are not sufficient to build up a great physique. One also requires proper food supplements that help in the all-round development of their body. A need well understood by Hercules, especially in the context of an Indian athlete’s dietary requirements. So, we decided to develop and market cost-effective and quality supplements for Indian athletes. In this respect, 1997 was a landmark year for Hercules. It was then that Hercules launched its first range of health supplements.


Rapid Lean

Lean Gain Protein

Primary Source Whey Protein Isolate

Zero Sugar, Loaded with creapure creatine

BAAA'S, Glutamine for quicker recovery

Rapid Mass

Bulk Gain Protein

Primary Source Whey Protein Concentrate

Loaded with Glutamine, BCAA and Creapure Creatine

Essential Vitamins, Minerals and Digestive Enzymes



Extreme Pre-Workout

Beta Alanine to Train longer and harder

L-citrulline to prevent muscle fatigue

Creatine for strength building

Rapid Whey

Ultra Premium 100% Whey Protein
Zero Sugar, Zero Aspartame

26g Protein and Zero Sugar

Gluten Free & Banned Substance Free